Private Investigator

Whether you are a large corporation or an individual, you have the right to know the truth.  We are proud of our national reputation of exceeding client expectations and providing information that makes a critical difference to a client’s legal outcome.

Our private detectives are here to assist you in your quest. To speak with an investigator, call us.

Private Investigator

The first impression that comes to many people’s minds when one thinks of a detective or private investigator is Agatha Christie or Sherlock Holmes trying to solve the most heinous murder crime.

In reality, a private investigator, while very active in his or her work, may never find themselves involved in a murder investigation.  More often, they are employed to investigate family disputes, civil lawsuits, and corporate fraud.

The investigative services at Spy4Rent are experienced and qualified to do all this and more. 

Using a variety of methods such as surveillance, witness interviews, and records research, we gather the information you need to answer the questions you have, and if necessary, prove your case in court.

Family Disputes

Family cases can be particularly sensitive. Our investigators will treat your case with care and discretion. We can locate missing family members, provide information for custody cases, and locate hidden assets. Our services can reveal facts such as alcohol and drug abuse, violence, gambling addiction, and neglect to get you the evidence you need for court.

Investigate Infidelity

In many of cases, when infidelity is suspected, the suspicions are often true. Finding the truth, however, can be difficult. Upon questioning, the cheater will often increase efforts conceal his or her activities. We can discreetly investigate your partner in order to give you answers that can help you make decisions about your relationship.

Law Firm

You may need investigative service to prove your case. We do background checks, witness location, surveillance, data mining, and records searches. We can provide you with video, photographic, hard documentation, and testimony. We also offer process services.


Businesses, both large and small, experience fraud. To protect your assets and hard work, Spy4Rent conducts investigations to uncover that fraud. We can also perform background checks on new hires and potential clients. We also provide cameras and bug sweeps.


Many criminals treat insurance fraud as if it were a victimless crime. That is far from the truth as the victims become both the insurance company in the form of company losses and its clients who experience increased premiums. If you feel you have a claim that needs to be investigated, call Spy4Rent.

Skip Trace Service

Do you have a situation you need to investigate but don’t want to hire a private investigator? Spy4Rent has a wide array of electronic devices available for rent or purchase that can assist you in finding the answers to the questions you have. We provide tracking devices, hidden or nanny cams, and home security as well as a variety of other equipment.


Electronic Services

Do you suspect theft in the home? Is your spouse displaying suspicious behaviors? Do you want to assurance that your teen is where they claim to be when they’re away from the home?

Process Server

We know your legal case is important to you. If handled incorrectly, a winning case can be dismissed leaving you without the justice you deserve. An important step in your case is service of process.

Spy4Rent is a Private Investigator Service contact us today We cover Huntsville, Birmingham and Montgomery Alabama. Hire a private investigator from Spy4Rent. Our investigative services include family disputes, infidelity, law firms, corporate, insurance, and more.