Process Services

Process Services

We know your legal case is important to you. If handled incorrectly, a winning case can be dismissed leaving you without the justice you deserve. An important step in your case is service of process. As outlined in the fifth and sixth Constitutional amendments, United States citizens have the right to be informed of a summons to attend court, and it is up to you or your lawyer to see that this gets done. Hire a process server to help you get the paperwork to them legally and in a timely manner.

There are a few ways this can be done. In the state of Alabama, your local sheriff will provide this service for you, but this is often not their first priority, and your paperwork can end up lost in the midst of other cases they are working on.

It is also possible in the state of Alabama to have any individual who is not a family member or a party of the litigation to serve papers for you. However, in some cases it is difficult to find a person willing to get involved such as in a situation where the person to be served is difficult to locate or has a violent nature.

Your other option is to hire a process server.  A good process service like the services provided by Spy4Rent will deliver subpoenas, summons, garnishments, complaints, and notices in a timely and legal manner.

Why Hire a Process Server?

  • Your process server will research and locate person to serve.
  • They will keep you informed regarding your process service and any unusual circumstances.
  • They will make four attempts for one address and will use alternative service methods if the recipient can’t be located.
  • We fill out, file, notarize, and submit Return of Service.
  • Finally, we will notify you of service completion and return documents to you.