Insurance Fraud Investigator

There’s one side. There’s the other side. And there’s the truth. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that $80 billion is paid in false claims each year. The problems with getting to the truth include biases from each side, deception, and poor witness recollection. If you are an insurance agent with a case that needs investigated by an unbiased third party, you can uncover the facts with an insurance fraud investigator from Spy4Rent.

Insurance Fraud Investigator Services

Auto Insurance Fraud

Health Insurance Fraud

These include falsifying evidence at the scene of the accident, staging an accident, or falsifying a stolen vehicle report. By investigating the scene of the accident, examining damage to the vehicles, and questioning witnesses, we can accurately reconstruct the accident to determine fault or the staging of an accident to collect insurance payouts. We can also look at previous insurance claims to determine a pattern of misconduct.

A common example of health insurance fraud is claiming invalid health care claims. In addition, doctors and medical offices will bill for services not performed or embellish the services rendered. We can investigate billing records to verify the services.

Property Insurance Fraud

Worker’s Compensation Fraud

When disaster hits, deceptive people will file property damage claims, sometimes falsifying the extent of damage and other times claiming damage when none occurred. Our agents will inspect property damage and conduct surveillance. We can also perform a background check and research previous claims to see if there is a history of property insurance fraud with the client.

Some workers will claim injury at work to receive worker’s compensation benefits. These benefits are costly to insurance companies and can include weekly payouts, medical expenses, and the expense of retraining the employee. Through investigation and surveillance, we can determine the extent of the injury and whether or not the injury occurred while working. We can perform discrete surveillance to get proof of claimant’s physical abilities, providing video and photographic proof that is admissible in court.